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Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is Calc Zone Pro?


In short, it is a calculation program for crash reconstruction.  More definatively, Calc Zone Pro is a industry specific software for Accident (Crash) Reconstructionist.  It is designed to assist the reconstructionist in making complex mathematical analysis and illustrate those findings in an easy to understand, professional looking report.


What is Calc Zone for Windows Mobile?

Calc Zone for Windows Mobile is the Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) based miniature version of the Desktop, designed for mobility so you can conduct the same complex mathematical analysis in the field, deposition or in court.

Does Calc Zone Pro Have as Many Equations as the Others?

We haven't counted ours verses others.  Our goal is not how many equations we can pack in the program, but to give you equations you can use and support.

Where did Calc Zone Equations come from?

You will find the source for each equation from recognized publications in the industry.  We not only give you the equation and every math step, we also give you the source for the equation so you can be sure you are using the correct equation for your project.  In some instances, we have included the derivation for the equations.

Does Calc Zone Pro work with metric?

Yes, it has an option for Imperial or Metric for both Calc Zone Pro desktop and mobile versions.

How About Licensing?  I Have Experienced Trouble With Other Software Licensing in the Past.

We are committed to costumer service which means, no hassles with your license.  When you buy our software you will always be able to maintain your license.  In the event that you purchase a new computer, change your video card, upgrade your memory or upgrade your hard drive, we will make every effort to get you back up and running again with no hassles.  Your license for your computer is maintained on our website.  You will have 24 hour access to your account where you can access your license information.

Is Calc Zone Pro compatible with all versions of Windows?

Almost! Calc Zone Pro is compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP and Vista

How do I update the software?

If you have an internet connection, Calc Zone Pro will check for updates automatically when you start the program.   If an update is available, it is your choice if you want to update the software. The updates are simple to download and install.

My IT department imaged my drive and it wiped out my install for Calc Zone Pro, how do reinstall Calc Zone Pro?

First you need to download the software.  You can download the software by going to

Access your account (register if necessary). 

Go to the Products List and select the software you need to download.

Select "download a demo".save the file to your computer and run the file after the download.

If you are using the same computer, you should be able to use your original license code provided during your activation.  You can get a copy of the code by accessing your personal account from or contact us directly.

To access your account go to and log in. .

Your account details will be shown.  Find the Activated Licenses and click on "view details"

Click on "resend code" and your code will be sent to your email account.

I noticed there is a date and time stamped on the formula window in the lower right corner.   I don't need the date and time recorded, how do I turn this off?

Go to Options on the Ribbon, uncheck the "Show adding and modifing Date/Time on formula screen"

How does Calc Zone handle numbers while calculating?

Calc Zone Pro uses the same numbers you would use if you were to enter information into a calculator step by step.  For example, if you have chosen Decimal Places = 3 in the options, Calc Zone Pro will truncate 3 digits right of the decimal point, everything beyond that number will be ignored.

Calc Zone Pro will exhibit a message if you choose to use a number less than 3 digits.  You have total control over the completeness of the calculation, up to 8 digits right of the decimal point.

Where did the equations used in Calc Zone Pro come from?

The formulas used in Calc Zone Pro were derived from physics principles and accepted physics equations such as Ke = 1/2MV².  These equations are used and accepted by the Accident Reconstruction community and can be found in various text from renowned institutes such as The Institute of Police Technology and Management, and Northwestern Traffic Institute.  Each equation has a printed source or sources listed in the Formula Help file.  You will find the face cover of the book used and a link to where the book may be purchased along with the page number where formula came from.

Is Calc Zone Pro accurate?

Yes, the results are accurate.  However, as with any computer program, you should check the accuracy using conventional methods yourself.   As you have read in the disclaimer, we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the results, however in the unlikely event an error is discovered, corrections will be made as soon as humanly possible and an update will be made available.

Will Calc Zone Pro run on a Mac?

If your Mac has Windows installed, maybe.  We have not tested this environment yet.  We may address this soon based on the number of requests for Mac compatibility.

Will Calc Zone Pro run on my Blackberry?

No, not at this time, only Windows Mobile based devices.


What is a Windows Mobile device?

It is a small device that runs a miniature version of Windows called Windows Mobile.  One of the most common devices is the HP IPAQ.  In the Reconstruction industry, data collectors such as TDS Recon and Archer are used with forensic mapping equipment such as Laser Technologies or Sokkia Total Stations.  Such devices are Windows Mobile based and will run Calc Zone Mobile software.

Why should I consider Calc Zone for Windows Mobile?

Convenience and mobility.  Being able to perform a calculation while on site can be useful and efficient.   You can work in your car, boat, train or plane while you travel.  The files created with Calc Zone Mobile are compatible with the desktop version so you can save your work, transfer it to the desktop and continue working back in the office.

You can also transfer your Calc Zone Pro desktop files to the Windows Mobile device for use while in deposition or court.  Having your entire reconstruction in the palm of your hand gives you the power to review your work on the fly and evaluate other possibilities without having to access the desktop.

What is the difference between Calc Zone Pro and Calc Zone Mobile?

Calc Zone Pro is designed to work on your Windows based desktop or laptop computer.   Calc Zone Mobile is designed to work on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC device.

Will Calc Zone Mobile run on all Windows Mobile devices?

It should run on most Windows Mobile devices.  In the unlikely event it will not run on your device, we will make every effort to identify the problem and correct it as soon as humanly possible.

How will I know if my device will run Calc Zone Mobile?

You may download the Mobile Demo Version after registering on the website, then you can try the program before you buy it.

I downloaded the Calc Zone Pro demo, how long will it last?

Forever.  The demo is limited in functionality but will never stop working.

What is all the hype about the Calc Zone Pro reporting?

Like no other program on the market, Calc Zone Pro gives the user complete control of how the reconstruction report looks and what it contains.  Each component of the calculation can be reported separately or together.  User can report one calculation at a time, some of the formulas or all of the formulas in the reconstruction.  Title pages, headers, footers and even page number control is all at the user's fingertips.

Once a report file is saved, the user can edit any part of the report, including the terminology, definitions and more.  The report is created in a format compatible with almost every word processing program, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Open Office and Microsoft WordPad.

Is my work safe?

Yes, while you work, Calc Zone Pro creates a backup file that will be accessed in the unlikely event of a crash.  When you restart Calc Zone Pro, you will receive the following message.

Are updates for Calc Zone free?

Yes, updates for the current version you own are free.  
Any new releases or new versions of the software are called upgrades and will have an upgrade fee.  
It is important that you understand the difference between update and upgrade. 
Example:  You purchase Calc Zone Pro Version 3.5; updates will be automatically downloaded and installed at your discretion at no charge.  Calc Zone Pro Version 4 is released next year, there will be an upgrade charge for that version.  If you decide not to upgrade, you will still receive free updates to the previous versions as they are released.

I already own other Accident Reconstruction software packages.  Why should I buy Calc Zone Pro?

Calc Zone Pro was designed by working Reconstructionist who have used the other software packages and understand the needs of our industry.  We have studied the good, the bad and created a better program.

Calc Zone Pro:

  • has an easy to understand interface.
  • is well organized.
  • helps you locate the right formula.  Using a powerful search wizard, Calc Zone Pro will show you all the formulas you can use that coincide with your known data.
  • gives Right Now Calculation Results.  No additional mouse clicks or key entries necessary.  Your results are immediate.
  • shows all the math steps for each calculation.
  • allows quick copy/paste of equations, math steps etc... for use in other word processor software.
  • creates reports unlike any other software you have ever seen.  Multi-page reports detail your reconstruction the way you want in the order you choose.
  • allows personalization of your printed reports.  You can easily add your company logo or information in the Header or Footer of your reports.
  • gives plenty of room for detailed notes about each formula used.
  • has complete project management.  This means you can return to your work months or years from now, open the file and follow the flow of your work.
  • saves All your work to one convenient location.
  • project files are very small making sharing quick and easy.
  • will become the ONLY software you will use to reconstruct and report.

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